Peter Löfgren

Owner and advisor

Mr. Lofgren is President and founder of the Loffgren Group mainly focused on corporate advisory, consulting, market development and restructuring of companies. He also acts as a board member in several companies. He has served more than a hundred Scandinavian industrial companies. In addition he has worked as a “business angel” for both low and high tech companies driving investments through multiple business cycles. LG is a venture capital firm/investment company with the objective to build a new industry group from acquisitions and combinations of mid-sized companies in Scandinavia. Mr Löfgren acts as a partner and founder of LG. He has also held majority/part ownership in several companies; Hydraulic company, Pharmaceutical process equipment company, device plastic company, container module company, pharmaceutical company, trading company etc. Mr. Löfgren has a long experience as mentor and lecturer and he has held board positions for more than 30 companies.