”Cool roofs are one of the quickest and lowest cost ways we can reduce our global carbon emissions and begin the hard work of slowing climate change.”

Steven Chu
US Department Of Energy

”Sol-gel is an advanced and very flexible coating material that is easily applied to different base materials and bespoked for multiple applications.”

Gunnar Westin
Professor in Chemical Nanotechnology and Materials CHemistry, Ånsgröms Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden

”We need to plan our cities and buildings in such a way that we incorporate energy generation assets within the fabric of the structures we build. Embedding such assets into the building materials rather than mounting them on the structures, not only makes perfect economic sense for construction and maintenance, but also enhances the aesthetics of the buildings and embodies an architectural expression that favours both the environment and economy.

Solar panels that can generate energy for heating and cooling that are structurally integrated into facades and roof materials are an essential next step for the building industry.”

Marja Lundgren
Partner & Environmental Specialist, White Architects